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Copa America Centenario Power Rankings: Who will win it?



Four score and twenty years ago, the South American Football Championship was born. Now simply known as the Copa America, the world’s oldest continental football tournament celebrates its centenary.

It was only last year when a Jorge Sampaoli inspired Chile lifted the Copa America on home soil. And yet to the chagrin of many who decry the value of international tournaments in this club-filled modernistic age, the South American nations are Read the rest of this entry

Has the FIFA Ballon d’Or lost its prestige?


In 1962, Josef Masopust won the Ballon d’Or.

Masopust may not even be the most famous player from Czechoslovakia at a time before the country balkanised into what is now the Czech Republic and the Republic of Slovakia. That honour would probably be bestowed upon Antonin Panenka. The Czech midfielder is famously known for his audaciously Read the rest of this entry



Bayern celebrating in last years Champions League Final *** image courteys of zimbio ***

Bayern celebrating in last years Champions League Final *** image courteys of zimbio ***

Such is the nature of football that even in a score-line as emphatic as 4-0, it is the slimmest of margins that illuminate.

As such, it has been coming for some time now. Barcelona was bound to lose out someday. Dethroned they have been, but nobody thought it would come in this way.

Of the many traits that have been bestowed on this Barcelona side is the fact that it was never expected that they would capitulate in the same manner that Johan Cruyff’s Dream Team did in the 1994 Final. Whereas Cruyff considered identity above everything else, this Barca side had the insatiable desire to produce results on a constant occasion. Thus success has Read the rest of this entry


What next? ***image courtesy of zimbio ***

What next? ***image courtesy of zimbio***

[This is a Champions League semi-final preview of Bayern vs Barcelona. For Dortmund vs Real Madrid, click here]

The change of guard is probably here. As the players step onto the pitch and listen to that Champions League anthem, they will know that the shaking of hands that follows may very well symbolise the passing on of the baton.

Bayern Munich are most certainly the next kings of Europe. It is they who look most likely to dominate Europe in years to come the same way Pep Guardiola’s Barcelona did. As such, Guardiola himself seems to acknowledge – he will be coaching the Bavarian side as from next season.

Bayern come up against a wounded Read the rest of this entry



Messi is unstoppable!

Messi is unstoppable!   *** image courtesy of zimbio ***

Sometimes, greatness is thrust upon human shoulders allowing superhuman feats to be achieved.

Lionel Messi is titanium. Hamstrung and clearly unfit, he ensured Barcelona would not fall. Starting from the bench, it was his introduction that allowed Barcelona to rise above the solid resistance that Read the rest of this entry

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