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Starting in 2006 with only 8 teams, the Left Foot Sports Amateur League is the fastest growing Amateur League in Kenya, and probably, the biggest private venture of its kind in the country.

Currently, it spans five divisions, each with 16 teams. And many more teams are associated with it.

Football Triangle has been lucky enough to have been involved with this league from as early as 2009. As such, this season will see weekly articles based on the on goings in the league, specifically, Division 1 and Division 2,  feature here.

These will be weekly reviews, but will feature much more than that. Stats, facts, and a general perspective of how the league is going on will be featured by Football Triangle. An in depth knowledge of the league will be your advantage if you care to follow FT’s weekly articles.

As such, if you have not already heard about this league and Left Foot Sports in general, then head over to their website,

Then, proceed to FT’s weekly Reviews, starting with Game Week 3 (unfortunately, Game Weeks 1 and 2 are not available, but a summary of the same can be found here and here)

Division 1 

Division 2



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