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Why the name FT?

Why the name Futbol Triangle?

Easy really,

Futbol – the Spanish word for Football.

Spain are the conquerers in world football. On the club scene, FC Barcelona has won all. On the international scene, La Furia Roja have won all (except the Confederations Cup. Brazil 2013 perhaps???)

It therefore makes sense to pay homage to the most influential footballing country of this generation.

Triangle – the most basic of complex progressive passes in football

A linear pass in football (from one player to another in a straight line) only gets you from point A to B. If then you want to get to point C, a triangle must be formed.

This is the simple understanding upon which tiki taka is founded. Quick, short passes in triangular angles to move from one end of the pitch to another.

Again, this is (in part) homage to the style of football that the Spanish are imposing on the world. However, the concept of triangles would not exist were it not for the Dutchmasters of the early 70’s who gave us total football. Thus, triangle is more in homage to the innovators rather than those who have perfected it from ideal to pragmatism.



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