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3. Carlos Alberto Torres

Carlos Alberto

In the most perfect team, and the most perfect performance at a World Cup, Carlos Alberto produced the most perfect goal.

Pele’s pass in that 1970 World Cup final has always been described as art, but it was the rampaging run to get onto the end of that pass and turn it into an assist by smashing it into the goal that produced the final brush stroke.

The astronomical heights of Brazil in 1970 were completed by a majestic performance. And as the captain received the trophy, it was he that also received acclaim for having been on the end of the World Cup’s final goal. And it’s finest.

For beyond those wondrous talents that every Brazilian side carries, this was one in which its captain was no mere cog in the wheel. He was a very important gear as its swiftness and beauty shifted and produced perfect shades of colour. All the more curious was that whereby his influence would probably be diminished by the presence of Pele in the team, the majestic right back was able to become even more brilliant.

Thus, at the height of football’s greatest performance, Carlos Alberto had been the man who had led Brazil to a most glorious destination.

[image courtesy of imortais do futebol]

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