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Colombia are ready for a Golden Age


Carlos Valderrama had a mass of golden fluffy curly hair, highly noticeable and recognisable upon his head. Beyond that however, his skills on a football pitch were sublime. It made him a Colombian football icon. His nickname was ‘El Pibe‘ – the kid, but it could have very well been ‘El Pibe d’Oro’ – the golden kid.

Alongside him and wearing the Colombian yellow jersey was a host of players whom may very well have constituted Colombia’s golden generation. Valderrama was the star, the main man, the Read the rest of this entry

World Cup 2014: Talking Points from the 1st Group Phase

by Fridah Kariuki


The World Cup will either remain in South America or leave with a European nation

The prestigious trophy will remain in either of the two above regions. The other regions are not up to standard and do not pose enough competition. Africa and Asia are performing dismally. North and Central America may Read the rest of this entry

Spain exit football’s throne

Their dominance is now but just a memory as World Cup exit heralds the end of an era



Tick, tock, went the clock as Spain’s time came to a stop. Dominance lasts long, but never longer than the natural order of things. At some point, everything — whether good or bad, special or mediocre, extraordinary or not, revolutionary or evolutionary — comes to an end. For Spain, this is it!

And what a ride it was. Since mid-2008, no national team has so dominated international football. It could be that in terms of success, this generation of players is the greatest group ever in football history. Three major international tournaments were conquered with style, identity and philosophy.

The whole world watched in awe. For six years, there was no answer to that passing game — those fluid motions, those probing punches that asphyxiated opponents into submission. Football technique rose to a whole new level and Read the rest of this entry

Messi’s Moment


Lionel Messi clenched his fists and pumped the air, the joy outpouring and the passion overflowing. Tensions had been relieved, derision cancelled. It was a goal the World Cup had waited for; a goal his nation expected and one that his team — and probably his career — needed. Given the stakes, given the occasion, that was the moment.

Minutes earlier he had skied a free kick and the Maracana had descended into boos. The Argentine fans were growing impatient. One moment was enough to Read the rest of this entry

Germany’s versatility a gifted curse for Joachim Low


It is the Germans who always find a way to adapt to football revolution.

In the 1970’s, when Ajax Amsterdam and Holland developed total football, Bayern Munich and West Germany found a way to take it to the next level. In a team boasting Franz Beckenbauer, they had a complete footballer; a defender, a passer, a scorer. That carried onto the rest of the team, and Bayern Munich dominated club football while West Germany did the same on the international stage.

Something similar seems to be happening. While Barcelona and Spain have dominated via the development of tiki-taka, Bayern Munich and Germany have seemingly evolved it. By adding Read the rest of this entry

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