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What will be done of the Football Hooliganism in Kenya?

Hooligans causing a stir at a Kenyan football game in 2012

Smoke bellows as hooliganism continues to haunt Kenyan football

Pepsi or Coke ? Messi or Ronaldo ? FIFA or PES ? Barcelona or Madrid ? Adidas or Nike ? Gor or AFC ?  Life will always be about choices. And from the vantage point of the decision you make, yours will always look better, more logical and more beneficial than the next person’s.

Financial growth or Moral victories ? This question seems to have split the opinion of the Kenyan football fan right down the middle. With Gor Mahia charging at the title and leaving bruised teams in their wake, the question has never been as relevant.

Gor Mahia has finally secured Read the rest of this entry

Arsenal and Dortmund Light Up the Champions League

Henrikh Mkhitaryan scores the opener

Henrikh Mkhitaryan scores the opener

Rarely is a Champions League group stage game of such overall quality and of such high significance.

That could be because of a seeding system that precludes the Champions League draw. The rationale for seeding is to keep the giants away from each other so that less superior teams get eliminated early on. It thus forms the truism of Champions League football. The more it progresses, the more exciting it becomes as big teams clash in titanic battles.

For the fan however, it forms a somewhat anti-climactic opening Read the rest of this entry

CHANGING TIMES : Antonio Conte

Antonio Conte is the man behind Juventus's resurgence

Antonio Conte is the man behind Juventus’s resurgence

Like the proverbial Phoenix, Juventus has risen from the Calciopoli ashes. Hardest hit by the Italian football scandal that revealed itself in 2006, the club has withered the storm of demotion and humiliation to become Italy’s finest football club once more.

Much of this has to do with Antonio Conte.

The former Juventus midfielder returned in the Read the rest of this entry

CHANGING TIMES : Manuel Pellegrini

Manuel Pellegrini -- one of football's purists

Manuel Pellegrini — one of football’s purists

Manuel Pellegrini is a man of quiet authority but immaculate intellectualism. The Chilean is thus one of the few football purist intelligentsia still around. His love for football to be played in a certain way – the attacking way – oozes out from all his teams.

What however contradicts him is that his teams rarely produce such tantalizing displays when required to.

Before his 4-1 demolition of Manchester United in the Read the rest of this entry

CHANGING TIMES : Gerardo Martino

Gerardo Martino points the way for Barcelona

Gerardo Martino points the way for Barcelona

Rarely do two games in the midst of a six year successful period provide such a quantum conclusion. Indeed, with the emphatic semi-final loss to Bayern Munich last season, there was a sense that the end of an era had arrived for Barcelona.

That is a somewhat hurried conclusion. For if that had been the case, semi-final defeats in 2010 and 2012 would have indicated that long before 2013. But while that had been the short conclusion Read the rest of this entry

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