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Sometimes, we abruptly wake up from a beautiful dream and try impossibly to get back to it. No matter how vivid our imagination may be, it never manages to conjure the same dream.

That is exactly how Sunday’s FIFA Confederations Cup Final will be like.

It is the dream final. It is the final everyone wanted (outside of Italy, Uruguay, Japan, Nigeria, Mexico and Tahiti). It is however the dream final that has come four years late. Or at the least, three.

Football has this tendency to conjure big games. The greatest teams with the Read the rest of this entry



Tahiti celebrate their goal

Like Inception, it must have felt like a dream within a dream when for the first time ever in a FIFA competition at senior level, the tune was picked for Tahiti’s national anthem.

As the anthem played on, there was emotion all-round the Tahitian players. Some were almost close to tears. Their manager, Eddy Etaeta visibly was. It was, as he would later say, a realisation that while for years Tahiti was always restricted to watching FIFA competitions on television, here they Read the rest of this entry


Andrea Pirlo, Italy's gem

Andrea Pirlo, Italy’s gem

Andrea Pirlo is the cog upon which Italy’s wheel turns. That was evident at last summer’s European Championships where he commanded the Italian midfield with his elegant poise.

It was his bursting run that led to the opener against Spain, his sumptuous free-kick opened the scoring against Croatia, his two assists unlocked Ireland and his panenka that demoralised England. Against England especially, he was the kingpin in midfield, rarely troubled and always seemingly in acres of space to launch threatening passes.

For opponents, that should thus be a no brainer – stop Pirlo, stop Italy. Of course, that is Read the rest of this entry



Campeones … but for how long?

Whenever Xavi Hernandez and Andres Iniesta retreat to their personal homes, they probably look in amazement at their personal trophy hauls and medal collections. There, right before their eyes lay gold medals for every competitive football competition in which they have ever participated in for Barcelona and Spain at senior level.

Apart, of course, for the FIFA Confederations Cup.

It is that trophy which in these period of dominance, Xavi and Iniesta personally, and Spain collectively, has not acquired. Their only possible outing four years ago in South Africa ended with the surprisingly less Read the rest of this entry


Kenyan football fans at the game with Nigeria *** image courtesy of michezoafrika***

Kenyan football fans at the game with Nigeria *** image courtesy of michezoafrika***

by Victor Karuga

Tension. So thick you can cut it with a knife, throw it onto the pitch and risk the ire of match day stewards. Maybe,  just maybe, that will elicit some kind of reaction from the team on the pitch; spark them into life. All they seem to do is stroke the ball around aimlesslly and purposeless, the picture of indifference. They don’t seem to understand what the fans have gone through, coming to watch them play, and on a weekday. Sacrifice.

The Federation was skeptical of attendance figures. Well, they can relax. There’s someone behind me, and I am slammed into Read the rest of this entry

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