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Arsene Wenger ***image courtesy of***

Arsene Wenger ***image courtesy of***

by Victor Karuga

Two weeks ago, Arsenal finished fourth, and rightly so, qualified for the Champions League, (much to Tottenham’s chagrin). Meanwhile, the red half of Manchester was revelling in an umpteenth 20th Premier League title. It was oh so heartbreaking to see their manager of 20-odd years, Sir Alex Ferguson retire. Glowing tributes, gushing international  Read the rest of this entry



The decisive moment of the 2013 Champions League Final *** image courtesy of zimbio ***

In that moment, it is possible, even probable, to presume the flood of thoughts that occupied Arjen Robben’s mind.

As he collected Franck Ribery’s back-heeled pass into space, the Dutchman, with a waltzing of the ball with his left foot found himself one on one with Roman Weindenfeller. There was the instant where he probably though, here we go again.

He had found himself in this position countless times before. At Johannesburg in 2010 against Iker Casillas. In Munich in 2012 against Read the rest of this entry


Wembley 2013

All set for the 2013 UEFA Champions League Final *** image courtesy of zimbio ***

East or west, invariably home is best. Football’s greatest annual game sees Europe’s elite teams battle it out in football’s most prestigious competition. No place would be better suited than football’s proverbial home.

Wembley will be the stage for what has now become the greatest show on earth. Forget the World Cup – that comes once every four summers. Forget the Olympic Games and the sports which we never knew existed and which we will never see on T.V. for another four years. Forget the American sports and the huge amount of following they get in the greatest country on earth. For worldwide appeal year in year out, look no further than the Champions League Final.

And so, in the 150th year since Read the rest of this entry


Arsene Wenger celebrates at the end of the Premier League season *** image courtesy of zimbio ***

Arsene Wenger celebrates at the end of the Premier League season *** image courtesy of zimbio ***

The excitement surrounding the final day drama hinges on that great illusion that everything comes down to one game.

Indeed, when much is at stake coming into the final game, the idea that a whole league season will be determined by one game does not seem all that unlikely. Relegation dogfights, title races, and of late, European positions when stretched as far as the final day bring that all encapsulating feeling that one game will determine everything.

Of course, that is not the entire truth. As Arsene wenger alluded to before his side Read the rest of this entry


Time is up for ZRoberto Mancini *** image courtesy of zimbio ***

Time is up for ZRoberto Mancini *** image courtesy of zimbio ***

The sad irony is that exactly a year after that infamous Aguero moment, Roberto Mancini is no longer Manchester City manager.

A lot can happen within the space of 12 months. The 13th of May, 2012, will forever be remembered in Manchester City’s history as the day the 34 year long League drought was finally broken. 93:20 of the game against QPR will resonate. Aguero had made City champions of England, and Mancini was the man at the helm.

13th May 2013 tells a different story. At 10:22pm GMT, the statement was realesed. Mancini was sacked.

It speaks volumes of the unforgiving nature of football management. Mancini had not done all that wrong. In fact, his record is exemplary for a club that had not tasted victory in years. Champions League qualification in his first full season, coupled with an FA Cup then a League title in the following season. That however did not matter once Read the rest of this entry

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