(This year, Football Triangle will be writing exclusive weekly articles on the Left Foot Sports 8 – a side Amateur League. For more information on the League, visit their website, www.leftfootsports.com)


At half time on Sunday, something weird happened. As the referees blew for half time in the 5pm kickoffs, the teams went for their respective team talks.

Then, the excitement started.

Exciting is one thing to call it. Frightening is another. All of a sudden, the electrical lines outside Kilimani Primary School got a power surge. Electrical current flowed through powerfully. Sparks flew around. There was wave after wave after wave of electrical current. The noise it made sounded like thunder. The sparks it produced looked as if Thor himself were about to go on a lightning strike.

It was unprecedented. Dangerous. For a while, the half time team talks stopped. Everyone, and I mean everyone, was looking at the power lines. The main attraction should have been the football. It seemed though as if the main attraction was now a half time show of the sheer force that runs through electric lines. The safely working, fully earthed power lines, not this ones that were malfunctioning and honestly looked quite reckless.

But that, however, was the greatest excitement to take from Division 1.

Not that game week 3 was boring. Not at all. Just that finally, the league, it seems, is taking shape.

Goals were not aplenty. Indeed, game week 3 saw no team manage to score more than one goal. No game had more than two goals. It was a series of 1-0 wins and 1-1 draws. And for some, 1-0 losses.

That ultimately is the beauty of Division 1. The most elite Division in the Left Foot Sports Amateur League is back to its competitive nature. In this league, the disparities are few. The differences in quality not that clearly defined. All the teams are like cream, rising to the top, or sticking very close by.

As such, game week 3 proved just how unpredictable Division 1 can be. Teams like Strath FC and Hurlingham FC both won this week, even though they both lost last week. Rapid Communications and Vision 2020 on the other hand both lost this week, even though they both won last week.

And, NPC Parklands remained the only team to have a 100% record. They did not play in game week 3.

So, there it is. Every team has at least a point.*  The most has six.

The cut throat competitiveness is here to stay. Division 1 is well and truly underway. Forget Game week 1 where there were 4-2’s and 3-1’s Or Game week 2 where 2-0’s ruled. Now is the time for 1-0’s and 1-1’s. Lesser goals, more competitiveness.

Division 1 is back. Here, you are only as good as your last game. That, however, does not mean you are good enough for your next game. Every point must be gained, every goal worked for.

And if you blink, you lose


  • Hurlingham FC won. 1-0 was enough. The hard fought performance got them their first ever points in Division 1. In only their second ever game.

It means that apart from Rapid Communications, they are only the second of the five promoted teams to pick up three points. It also means that for a team that has endured two promotions in the space of three years, they became the first team to have won a game in at least three Divisions.

  • The champions were back. Maad FC took to the field for the first time ever this season. Against a promoted side in Bethel FC, three points were expected.

 That they were denied was only down to a magical equaliser. A flick on from one striker to another and as the ball bounced. It did not bounce again.

 The strike was timed to perfection. A powerfully controlled left foot was swung just as gravity was taking its course. Then, the ball travelled low, hard and straight into the bottom corner. The silence of the moment broken only by the rasping sound of the net and the crazy celebrations that ensued. It was a goal worthy of winning any game. It did not. The game ended 1-1.

  • Goals from set pieces are increasingly difficult in 8 – a side football. Not anymore.

 Strath FC scored their solitary goal from a set piece. So too did Total Touch Cargo. In fact, that was Total Touch’s second goal from a set piece this season. NPC Parklands have also scored two corners and a free kick. Consolidated Bank scored from a free kick in Game week 1.

 Set pieces are well and truly part of the game. In Division 1, they are fast becoming the reality.

RESULTS:  Strath FC 1-0 Rapid Communications Ltd,

Bethel FC 1-1 Madd FC,

Vision 2020 FC 0-1 Total Touch Cargo,

Hurlingham 0-1 Black Diamond Club,

NIC Bank 1-1 Consolidated Bank.