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What! 4-4! Yes! 4-4! Four goals scored by either team. Four goals conceded by both as well. One. Two. Three. Four!

What an exciting game. From 1-0 to 1-1, to 2-1 to 2-2, 3-2, 4-2, 4-3 and finally 4-4! It was breathtaking. Goals literally flying in everywhere. And it is no exaggeration to say that it may very well have been more.

That was the short, complicated story of Green Zone Properties v Nyayo FC. The two teams, promoted from Division 3 last year, are causing ripples around Division 2. Both came into this game on the back of two wins in two. Both had scored goals already. Nyayo’s games had ended 1-0 and 5-1. Green Zone had been more consistent, two 2-0 wins.

And they came and continued scoring. Nobody told them they could stop. Each wanted the win badly. None got it. But then again, none had their unbeaten run coming to an end. Two wins, one draw. Fair enough.

For a game to end at such high a score line, both teams’ attack should surely be commended. They both kept on going and crucially kept on scoring. But then again, for a game to end at such high a score line, a finger of blame should be pointed at both teams’ defences.

The defences were poor. The goalkeeping, to say the least, comical. Within 15 minutes, three penalties had been awarded. Two to Green Zone, one to Nyayo Fc. One penalty was missed by Green Zone. All the penalties came in farcical circumstances. The goalkeeper needlessly, confidently catching the ball well outside his penalty area. (Rule 11 of the Play Rules)

But that was all forgotten as an entirely absorbing match came down to both teams attempting to outscore each other. This was football at its purest. In its old fashioned state. Where scoring is more important than not conceding. Where instead of parking buses, saloon cars are driven like Ferraris.

Parking the bus indicates good defending. Poor defending makes for exciting, watchable football. That was exactly the case here.


  • In the same game, Francis Nyaga notched a brace. Add that to his hat trick in Game Week 2 and his solitary goal in Game Week 1 and you have six goals. Six goals in three games! If he keeps this up, he may end up scoring sixty goals. Lionel Messi, anyone?
  • Astral Aviation A played their first game of the season, and drew 2-2. Entertaining game, for which the highlight was a brilliant one handed save by Aman Bhasin. He flung himself, wholly horizontal, parallel to the ground, and his left handed parried away a powerful shot from the Disciples FC midfield. If only there were cameras rolling. That would have been one for them to capture.
  • Nyayo FC and Green Zone Properties are not the only teams to have a record that reads two wins and a draw. Other unbeaten sides include Equity Bank, who defeated Astral Aviation B 2-1, and All Saints Cathedral, who were 2-0 winners over Safaricom. With all four teams on seven points, it is proving to be not so lonely at the top after all.
  • Mtandao FC was very impressive. A 4-0 rout began early, with an outstanding strike from all of 30 yards out within two minutes of kick off. If you think that was fast, wait till you hear how fast they took to score the fastest goal of the season so far. Only eight seconds.

RESULTS: Nyayo FC 4-4 Green Zone Property MGT,

Disciples FC 1-1 Astral Aviation A,

Myrobi Ltd (Kiberastas FC) 1-4 South B Mosque,

Astral Aviation B 1-2 Equity Bank FC,

MTN Business (Mtandao Fc) 4-0 I.C.C. FC,

Safaricom FC 0-2  All Saints Cathedral FC.