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It’s not the first time now, is it.

Andrew Cole from Newcastle United. Dwight Yorke from  Aston Villa. Eric Cantona from Leeds United. Even Dimitar Berbatov from Tottenham Hotspurs. How about Louis Saha from Fulham.  Sir Alex Ferguson has long been in the habit of buying the best striker in the Premiership that was not yet at Manchester United. And by best, I mean in terms of scoring goals. All these were prolific goal scorers by the time they joined Manchester United. It meant that United would never be in a position to lose the Premiership on goal difference. In fact, it never came down to this. The goals that these strikers provided meant that the Premiership would be wrapped up on other fronts long before goal difference would come into consideration.

Events of last season however turned everything on its head. Read the rest of this entry


What’s their not to love about Louisa Necib.


She is elegant. Beautiful. Sublime. Graceful as a swan. The personification of all that is the art and beauty of the French people.

But I speak not of a model. Not of a Da Vinci painting on display at La Louvre. Not of a lady you would expect to find at the Place du Trocadero, ready to give you a tour of the Eiffel Tower and L’Arc de Triomphe. Not of a performer at the Moulin Rouge.

I speak of a footballer. And not just any footballer. The cream of all French ladies. The best they have ever seen in France.


Her nickname, Titou is in homage to the player whom the French media so aptly compare her to. Zinedine Zidane Read the rest of this entry


”… I know him as a player really well. And he’s a top player. He has got unbelievable quality and talent…”

Mikel Arteta



When Spain lined up with no striker at Euro 2012, most were surprised. Others weren’t. They had seen a glimpse of it before. In their final Euro 2012 Qualifier against Scotland, with Spain already qualified, they experimented. The striker, David Villa, was pushed wide left. Pedro Rodriguez started on the right flank. In the middle was David Silva. He would play as the false 9. Spain won it 3-1. Silva scored two and assisted the other.

But that was not all that happened on that October night in Alicante. In midfield, Spain had no Andres Iniesta. Neither was Xabi Alonso there. Cesc Fabregas was missing too. Alongside Xavi Hernandez and Sergio Busquets, completing the midfield 3, was Santiago Cazorla Gonzalez. Read the rest of this entry

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